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  • Introduction of The Black Death
  • Definitions of The Black Death
  • Reasons and Facts about The Black death
  • Ways to get rid of The Black Death

The Black Death was a very terrible disease that has killed many people of the middle ages. It happened in Europe, in 1328 through 1351. It was thought to have started in China or central Asia. Then it got to Europe by traveling along the Silk Road and reached Europe around 1346. People say that it was rat fleas that carried the disease on rats. The rats usually were passengers on merchant ships. It was called the Black Death because the skin of the victims would get black around the areas that were swelled up. The people with disease would have black, thick, bad smelling . It spread throughout all of the trade routes to all countries. 200 million people died in Europe that had the disease. In china, the population dropped from 125 million to 90 million people. About 7,500 people with the disease were dying everyday. Some symptoms of the Black Death were high fevers, vomiting, muscle pains, the desire to sleep, and bleeding in the lungs. Also the people with the disease would die very quickly and would only live from two to four days after receiving the disease. There Black Death helped bring the Middle Ages to an end because many people died and left the county because of the deaths.


Introduction of The Black Death, Definitions of The Black Death
Black Death-An outbreak of bubonic plague that was pandemic throughout Europe and much of Asia in the 14th century.
ways to get rid of the black death is by staying heathy and clean and to wash your hands there was no cure yet for it but there were some ways that there was by holding herbs in a bag while its right by you. facts about the black death is that it is very severe and it can kill you and make you really sick and has you to get hurt and end up in a really bad condition. You could die in a couple days by having The Black Death.
Reasons and Facts about The Black Death, Ways to Get Rid of the Black Death
- Many people caught The Black Death in the Middle Ages
- People got The Black Death by fleas
- You could take a medication or shots to treat The Black Death
- Many people like millions died from The Black Death
- You could get it by being someone who has The Black Death too

Pics of The Black Death:
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