Two Perspectives of Digital Footprints and Leaving a Legacy
Never Left
Who are we and what have we become? You could pick up a picture of you as a child and ask yourself where that person went. It never left. You just changed. No one can take you away from who you were before. Put your mind to it and act it. Easy and simple. You are who you were before, just don't forget that you never left.

Making Digital Footprints Worth Following...
Leave footprints worth following (CC)
A digital footprint is a virtual trail made by you that will never disappear. Your digital footprint is up to you; you have the power to decide if it is a footprint worth following. You leave many digital footprints and they can be positive or negative. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are places that you can leave a digital footprint. We are living in a great technological society, and with technology growing and becoming more prominent , everyone needs to be more conscious of what they do on the internet. So what is a digital footprint worth following? Something positive and interesting. A footprint that will leave an impact on the rest of the world. Be sure that whatever you post now, you will still be proud of in 20 years, because they never disappear. Is your digital footprint worth following?

What is Your Legacy?
A legacy is something left behind by you. What you leave behind (good or bad) is your legacy. When people remember you, they remember your legacy. How do you want people to remember you? How do you want your image to be perceived? Would you rather people remember you as that person that was mean to everyone, or that person that was nice and helpful? You have the power to decide how people think about you. You can control your legacy! Are you proud of the legacy you have left so far?

Leadership and Lollipop Moment
To be able to create a digital footprint worth following and a legacy that you are proud of, you need to be a leader. You need to be independent and think about what is right for you. It takes confidence and courageousness to do the right thing, to be the leader of your own legacy and digital footprint. Everyone has it in themselves, to be the change they want to see in the world. There is no true definition of a leader; a leader can be anything and anyone, it is up to you to decide where you find leadership in the world.
Lead your footprints through the right door.

One example of Leadership is a lollipop moment. The term "lollipop moment" originated from a TEDx video from Toronto (shown at the bottom of the page). This man did a small act, and it turned out to have a huge impact on somebody's life, even though he did not know it at the moment. Therefore, a "lollipop moment" is any small deed that you can do to make a positive impact on the day. A lollipop moment could be just picking up litter or asking someone if they are okay. These small deeds can make huge impacts on somebody's life.

This is a summary of the video below: A girl was very afraid to go to college; she didn’t think it was the right thing for her now and was going to wait until she was ready. Even so, her parents convinced her to give the first day a chance, and if she didn’t think it was the right decision, then it was fine, she didn’t need to continue. As she was standing in line, a man walked out in
A literal "lollipop moment" as talked about in the video.
the dorkiest hat ever, and was handing people lollipops. He approaches her and looks at her, then at the boy in line her. He hands the boy a lollipop and says, “give this to the beautiful girl next to you.” The boy turns beet red and hands the girl the lollipop. The man then says, " First day away from home, and she is already taking candy, from a stranger!" Everyone in the area started cracking up, at that moment the girl knew she was ready for college. The girl didn’t talk to the man handing out lollipops until four years later when he was about to graduate. She told the man her whole experience, and that she was still dating the boy in line behind her. The funny part is the man didn’t even remember handing her the lollipop! The man created a change in her destiny. In fact, a few years later, he got their wedding invitation.

This video is a great example of leadership. The man and the woman were both leaders in this situation. The man was a leader performed a small act of kindness, and it ended up having a huge impact on the woman's life. And the woman was a leader because she took the initiative and told that man that he had changed her life. This says that even a tiny act of kindness can make you a leader. If you strive to be a leader like the two in this video, you can become one.

Perspective Two
Making Digital Footprints Worth Following...
Footprints 2.png
Making digital footprints worth following (CC).
Digital Footprints are the online tracks that a person leaves behind. Using technologies online can help track who you are, or what you do online. Posting and viewing negative things could affect you in the future. Although you might think you have deleted something, it will still remain on the internet forever. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Weebly are just some examples of programs that have the ability to store information about you. Leaving positive footprints, starting from when you are young, can impact you later on in life. When applying for a job or for college, they always have your digital footprints to gather information on who you are or what you have done. Check out the following link to see how things that have been taken off the internet, actually still exist., try looking up a teacher, a friend, or even you on the internet, and see what comes up.

What is Your Legacy?
Your legacy is what you are leaving behind for the next generations to follow. A legacy can be formed by posting videos, blogs, pictures, etc. Your legacy describes who you are. If you leave behind a positive legacy or a legacy you are proud of, you can help people learn what you have learned. If you help people learn, they can help other people learn. Legacies can make an impact on many different people through learning. It does not matter if your legacy is positive or negative, your legacy is what you will be remembered as.

Leadership and Lollipop Moment
Becoming a leader in today's society is very important. To teach and help other people can make a huge difference. Being a leader can mean many different things. By becoming a leader you will have and impact on the people around you. You can have an impact on the whole world, the people around you, or just one person, but at least have an impact on someone or something. Making an impact does not have to be something huge, but just changing one person’s day or even life can make the biggest difference. By just giving a lollipop or a compliment to one person, it can make his/her day. If you start it, maybe they will continue it. It is like the domino effect. Once one person begins it, others will follow and continue to make an impact. The video between the two perspectives is a man telling his story of making a lollipop moment.
Also, below is our video telling you about our legacy, lollipop moments and digital footprints.