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Wednesday, May 16

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    Explorers, such as the Spanish, used imperialism to take away the land that belonged to the natives by FORCE.
    The taking of native lands in the first major impact on natives. They were forced to give up lands that had been used for centuries by their ancestors.
    European and AsiaAsian diseases to
    A third major effect was the spread of European religion to the natives. The Spanish worked very hard to try and convert the natives to Christianity, a monotheistic religion (the Natives were polytheistic).
    {Spanish_Missions_In_Texas.png} Spanish Missions in Texas (CC)Missionaries were sent to the "New" World to convert the natives. The Spanish set up missions all over the "New" World. They were each a day's (horse) ride from each other. The missionaries' jobs was to "force" natives to become Catholic Christians and if they did not, they would be killed. In this process, the culture of the native people was destroyed.
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Tuesday, April 10

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    {Mapblackdeath.png} Movement of Black Death in Europe (CC) How did it move so fast?between China and Europe. They sold silk, herbs, spices, cloth, furs, jewelry, and more. They also brought the Black Death, also known as the Black Plague, The Bubonic Plague, or just the Plague. Since the Black Death existed where the Mongols lived, they grew immunity to it. However, they still carried the germs inside of them. The movement of the Black Death from China to Europe is an example of negative Cultural Diffusion. Cultural Diffusion is the spreading of ideas or products from one culture to the other.
    What is the Black Death?
    would also bled,bleed, which is
    Scientists today, have also used primary source documents and artifacts to help proved the Plague was both bubonic and pneumonic during the years 1347-1351.
    During this time period (1347-1351), people believed that God had poisoned the air to punish the people for their sins, so the people would punish themselves savorily thinking that god would forgive them and save them all. This didn't work. God didn't save them, so people started losing fate in god and started thinking, "Should I believe in God if they didn't even help us?" Because of the Black death and a lot of the events that happen because of this, the feudal system started to collapse. The reason why the feudal system collapsed is because since so many people died, there were serious labor shortages all over Europe. This led the peasants to demand higher wages, but the landlords refused those demands. This led to peasant revolts. Also, peasants for the first time owned their own land, meaning they didn't have to give their food to whoever runs the Manor. This forced a lot of nobles to make their own food. Also, peasants for the first time were allowed to go to the city and work for money. Another reason why the feudal system ends is because during the black death, the church wouldn't give the last rights to all of those people. This led to random people give the last rights to people, taking away a lot of power from the church. Because of this, a lot of people lost fate in the church and started to question the amount of control the church has over them.
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