The Triangle Trade

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The Sub-Saharan slave trade was after the golden age of west Africa, when slavers from Europe took slaves from African tribes in exchange for giving them rum and other goods. This was known as the Triangle of
Trade. The triangle of trade was named so because the routes taken by the ships roughly formed a triangle. The triangle trade was popular with merchants because they could make money in all stages of the trip. The goods traded were the following. Gold and Slaves were taken to the west indies, where they were then sent to the American colonies, along with molasses and sugar, in exchange for flour, fish, meat, and lumber. While at the colonies, slaves met their final destination, where they made rum and many other products, which were traded to other countries. Iron products and rum were taken to Africa, where they were traded for slaves. Whale oil, tobacco, lumber, and fish, were sent to England in exchange for Tea, spices, tools, cloth, and furniture. The English were also trading iron products and guns with Africa, which they traded for more slaves.

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The Slaves

The triangle of trade was a situation where all parties profited at the expense of one group. The triangle trade originated in Portugal, and later became popular as the traders made money everywhere. Portugal is responsible for 4.5 million slaves, or 40% of the total slaves sold. The colonies in the new world lacked one thing, a work force, and africans were the perfect people to exploit, as the Europeans considered them primitive, and the slaves were cheap. They were also good because they are used to the tropical climate, and they were resistent to desiese. Most africans came into slavery after they were kidnapped by traders, with full cooperation from the african kings. Conditions aboard the trade ships were not very good. people that died aboard the ships usually died within the first few weeks due to malnutrition.

Here is a song that explains the slave trade, from the 1776 musical

The Freeing of the Slaves

In the 1800s, America became divided over slavery, with the north side favoring freedom of slaves, and the south side favoring continuation. This would lead to the civil war, the emancipation proclamation, and eventually the freedom of the slaves.
The civil war lasted for 4 years, from 1861 to 1865. It was during this war that Lincoln made the Gettysburg address, and later on, freed the slaves. The emancipation proclamation was a document that said all slaves in America were free. However, the south refused this and seceded. This was a cause of the civil war. At the end of the war, the slaves were freed from their harsh work conditions, however, racism against African Americans continues to this day. After the slaves were freed, they still didn't have the same rights as the white people of America. This led to the Jim crow laws and segregation, and eventually, the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was when finally, African Americans were given the same rights as white people, finally granting them an equal status as people of the united states.

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