This is a page where new outstanding student work will be posted for all to view--our refrigerator.
Enduring Impact of the Printing Press added 6/4/2012

Two Black Death Music Videos: Added 4/23/2012 Great job students.

A Knights Life

MineCraft Project: using MineCraft to build a middle ages manor. These students build the entire manor and then used a green screen and Imoive to make a moving tour of what they built. It is 18 minutes long.

Students as documentary movie creators. Eight middle school students from BMS, went the NEOTech Conference, where they created three movies in 6 hours to present at the close of the conference. These are the video's they produced that day: Keynote Mashup, Vision K-12, and Technology.

Connecting The Dots by Jodi, Daniel, and Danielle (Full of Youtube videos and images) Added 6/8/2011