Emmett Till and his family Emmett Till was the son of Mamie Carthan till and Louis till. Emmett's mother was born to John and Alma Carthan in the small Delta town of Webb, Mississippi ("the Delta" being the traditional name for the area of northwestern Mississippi at the confluence of the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers). When he was two years old, his family moved to Illinois. Emmett's mother largely raised him on her own; she and Louis Till had separated in 1942. By the time of Emmett's death, she had married Lemorris Bradley Emmett suffered from polio as a child, which left him with a persistent stutter. Emmett's father, Louis Till, was drafted into the U.S Army. In 1943. While serving in Italy, he raped two women and killed a third.Emmett till is a 14 year old boy, unfortunately he was murder. August 28, 1955 born in July 25, 1941. what happened was one day he was at a local store with group of friends and one of the kids said I dear you to go to that woman and whistle at her, Emmett till said sure ok what the big deal? This is only a 14 year old kid, he didn’t know that was wrong. So he goes to the woman and whistles and runs away. Later that night two men with bats said can we have Emmett till? Emmett till was at his grandpas house and this is a old guy, so guy says sure cause what you going to do when there’s 2 two men with bats at front door? So the guys go to Emmett tills room and takes him away into their truck, they said have him back in few hours, well that was a lie. These men take him down the mountain near a lake there was a tree Emmett till was shot in the head then one eye gouged out then had a 75-pound cotton gin fan to his neck and barbed wire also dumped his body in the Tallahatchie River. till’s body was found three days later---a bullet in a skull, one eye gouged out and his head crushed in on one side the face was unrecognizablewhen asked why he did it, milam responded,” well, what else could I do? Mose Wright knew it was till only because of a signet ring that remained on one finger. The ring belonged to Emmett’s till father Louis, who had died 10 years earlier, and bore his initials, L.T. Mamie till demanded the body of her son be sent back to Chicago. Then she ordered an open-casket funeral so the world could see what been done to Emmett. All over the country, blacks and sympathetic whites were horrified by killing. Thousands of people sent money to the NAACP to support its legal efforts on behalf of black victims that started the American Civil Rights Movement. In the meantime, J.W milam and Roy Bryan (the 2 men who killed till) face murder charges. They admitted they kidnapped and beat Emmett till but claimed they left him alive. Ignoring nationwide criticism, white Mississippi raised $10,000 to pay legal expenses for milam and Bryant.here are pictures of Emmett Till and his family.